Semiconductor physics

“Semiconductor physics” division lab was formed in 1987. Of course, lab was not established on plain place. All inceptives were on ground to establish such lab considering that such topic as “Many layered and periodic semiconductor structures” was at that time hot topic. Main initiator of creation lab was dotsent Madreim Erezhepov. We have to mention people who closely participated in further flourishing lab but they are not among us right now – dotsents  M Duisenbaev, O.Daniyarov, B.Embergenov and R.Bekimbetov.  In 1987 candidate of physics- mathematics sciences associate professor M.Erezhepov was appointed as head. In 1992-1998 candidate of physics- mathematics sciences associate professor U.Nasyrov was appointed as head of division. During 1998-2000  doctor of physics-mathematics sciences professor K.A.Ismailov led division as its head. 2010 –  2011 doctor of physics-mathematics sciences associate professor A.B.Kamalov was appointed as head of division. From September of 2011 till now doctor of physics-mathematics sciences professor K.A.Ismailov leads division.

After 7 years since opening of lab in 1994 there was held stable search of young specialists to postgraduate study on 01.04.10   – “Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics” specialty. Beginning from 2000 to 2011 bachelor students were completing studies on specialty “Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics”. Since 2011 students completing Masters degree are being accepted to specialty 5A140204 – “Physics of condensed matter and dielectrics”.

Looking from nowadays point of view lab is constantly developing. In period from 1994-2011 there appeared three doctor of sciences (professor K.Ismailov, 1995; professor M.Tagaev in 2001 and dotsent B.Kamalov in 2011) and more than 10 kandidates of sciences successfully defended their dissertations. These achievements were reached mainly because of connections of our lab with “higher frequency electronics” lab of Institute of Semiconductors of Academy of sciences of Ukraine. (lab head  – doctor of technique sciences Konakova Raisa Vasilievna). Ulugbek named Uzbekistan National University, Islam Karimov named Tashkent State Technique University and Physical-Technical Institute of “Physics- Sun” played large role in supplying of our lab with young scientific- pedagogic specialists.

Since opening of lab were held three international conferences (1990, 1993 and 1997) and three Republican conferences  (2005, 2011 and 2015) were held.

Till now lab staff is performing fundamental and practical – scientific themes under governmental grant programs. Many scientific papers are being published. These published papers are the key parts of dissertations defended by staff members of our lab. Under professor K.Ismailov 4 kandidates of sciences (K.Dauletov, 1999, A.Kamalov, 2003, M.Sharibaev, 2010 , Gayrat Kamalov, 2018 PhD) were guided to their degree completion. Professor M.Tagaev held work of two kandidates of sciences S.Bekbergenov and M.Nasyrov having completed their studies in 2009.

At present time lab has connections with Lashkarev named Semicondustor physics institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kotsubinskii named Vinnitsa pedagogical university and Jubanov named Aktobe state university and conducts with them scientific – pedagogical works.

Since many years as tradition lab invites famous professors as heads of state attestation commission and as lecturers on very hot themes in semiconductor physics. Among them are academician M.S.Saidov , Physical Technical Institute, academician M.K.Bakhdirkhanov,  Tashkent National Technical Univrsity, professor K.P.Abdurakhmanov, TATU, professor S.I.Vlasov, Uzbek National University, professor S.J.Karazhanov, Oslo University (Norway). Professor I.M.Karimov from Andijan State University. In 2011 professor R.V.Konakova for thorough preparation of three doctor of sciences and more than 10 kandidates of sciences and in 2012 professor Bakhadyrkhanov (Tashkent Techinal University) for preparation of highly educated specialists were awarded honorable professor degrees from Karakalpak State University.

Under guidance of doctor of physics-mathematics sciences, professor K.Ismailov in 2009-2011 there was worked out practical project “Defining quality of semiconductor structures and devices on their base by modulational – differential method”.  Under guidance of doctor of technical sciences, professor M.Tagaev there was worked out fundamental scientific project ОТ-Ф2 “Acustochemistry of defects in semiconductors” during 2007-2011. Fundamental scientific research project Ф2-ОТ-1-10079 “Peculiarities of laser-induction non-linear processes in creating defects in semiconductors” under guidance of professor M.Tagaev was performed during 2012-2016 period. In 2017-2020  period lab is conducting fundamental scientific-research project ОТ-Ф-2-77 “Developed methods for prognostics of  repeatability of devices using defects on the basis of modeling” which is being performed by prof.K.Ismailov, dotsents M.B.Sharibaev and S.Bekbergenov and magistratura students.

Lab head K.A.Ismailov was awarded  “Year’s best teaching researcher” diploma and money amount held among higher education universities of Uzbekistan.

Professor K.A.Ismailov, dotsents M.B.Sharibaev and S.E.Bekbergenov were awarded with certificate for publishing first study material using Latin letters from “Developing Center” of Higher and Middle Specialized Education Ministry (certificate number 531-196). At present time lab staff has two doctors of sciences, 5 kandidates of sciences, 7 teaching assistants and several technical workers.