The Department of physics

The history of department of physics begins with faculty of physics and mathematics organized in 1935 at the Karakalpak teacher’s institute. This faculty was divided into faculties of physics and mathematics in 1948-1949 educational years. In the period with 1954 on 1972 years. Faculty headed А.Nurimbetov, which is the graduate of physical faculty of the Moscow state university. On faculty worked А.Nurimbetov, А.Madjitov, Berdimuratov, B.S.Baev, K.K.Kiyatov and others. In the period with 1979 on 1989 years. On faculty worked SH.Kaniyazov, J.Kayipnazarov, R.Turganbaeva, B.Allambergenov, B.Bekbauliev, .Bekturganov, M.Duysenbaev, I.Turmanov, B.Abdikamalov, A.Abdinasirov, M.A.Kan and others.

In 1972 on a post of the manager the faculty of physics elected the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer A.Madjitov. In 1981-1988 years, the faculty was headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor B.A.Abdikamalov, 1988-1993 years the senior lecturer B.Bekbauliev, 1996-2001 years the senior lecturer B.Jollibekov, 2002-2008 years the doctor of engineering science M.Tagaev. During this period the name of faculty was changed some times, and also on the basis of faculty some faculties were organized.

With 2008 till 2011 faculty has headed prof. B.Abdikamalov. In 2011 on a post of the manager by faculty was elected the senior lecturer J.Akimova. Since February, 2017 the faculty is headed by the professor B.Abdikamalov.

On equipment by computer engineering, and also on their use in teaching and educational and research processes faculty the physics borrows one of conducting places at university. For professor-teaching structure and students of faculty all conditions for use with the Internet of the raised speed are created.

The fundamental scientific researches of faculty basically concern to problems of change of laws of real structure of crystal substances at various external influences. The results of research jobs of the members of faculty are published in the foreign editions, the members of faculty regularly participate in jobs of the international scientific conferences and symposiums and act with the reports. Alongside with it the members of faculty have published the methodical instructions on performance of laboratory jobs of a physical practical work of all sections of a rate of general physics.

On faculty the regular jobs on use and introduction in educational and research processes of advanced information and information technologies are conducted.

The manual “Laboratory jobs on optics and nuclear physics”, prepared by professor-teaching structure of faculty, was published in 2017 in Tashkent by publishing house “Sano-standard”.

Now on faculty 9 professors, senior lecturers and teachers work. Number of the teaching-auxiliary personnel 8.

The members of faculty conduct separate rates of a specialty “5А140204 – physics of the condensed environments and masters’ course.

On faculty all educational employment of specialty “5140200 – physics” are conducted. At all rates of general physics, special course the modern educational laboratories created in Germany are organized. In laboratories of faculty all conditions for supervision of the various physical phenomena and measurement of physical sizes from sufficient high accuracy are created. The majority of the put laboratory jobs are carried out through computers. In this connection on a condition of material base the faculty borrows a conducting place at university.

In quality of the well equipped educational laboratories it is possible to show the following: the mechanics, molecular physics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, nuclear physics, nuclear physics and physics of elementary particles, radioelectronics.