Solar photovoltaic power station has been opened at KSU

On January 14, an official opening of a 3 kW solar photovoltaic power station took place on the territory of the University heliopolygon with the participation of representatives of South Korea companies “KEA” (Korea Energy Agency – Korea Energy Agency), “WEEnergy”, “Hanbek Construction Co., Ltd”, their partners in Uzbekistan from the International Institute of Solar Energy and Karakalpak State University.

At the beginning of the event the South Korea guests were greeted with bread. Then the meeting continued at the reception of KSU Rector. During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of further cooperation.

In the afternoon, the event was officially opened. It was opened by Rector of KSU Akhmed Reymov. At the event Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Zh.Embergenov, Director of the South Korea “Hanbek Construction Co., Ltd” company Ing Seung Ryul, Professor of KSU Bakhtiyar Abdikamalov and others had speeches.

For a long time, South Korea, with its long historical heritage, values ​​and spirituality, was considered one of the leading countries in world science. Looking into the distant past, we can say that diplomatic relations between our two countries, exchange of science and the trading system are connected by the Great Silk Road. Currently, South Korea is considered one of the leading countries that implements major projects in the field of the use of solar energy, including semiconductors of solar cells in the field of converting solar energy into electricity, solar collectors for heating water and exporting solar power plants for various energy purposes.

In fact, it is impossible to imagine the activities of economic sectors without electricity. But in recent years, demand for it has grown so much that its consumption has exceeded the pace of its production. This requires not only further development of the industry through the introduction of innovative technologies, but also the saving of hydrocarbon resources such as natural gas, oil and coal.

Currently, under the leadership of the head of our state, reforms and changes in the country’s economy are pursuing a fair policy aimed at introducing “Green Economy” system in industrial sectors, accelerating innovative development and the rational use of natural resources. The ongoing reforms to modernize the energy system, which is an important factor in socio-economic development, the introduction of modern energy-saving technologies in the industry and the wider use of alternative energy sources, are giving results.

In particular, the “Masdar” company from the United Arab Emirates plans to begin construction of a 100 MW (Megawatt) solar photovoltaic station in the Navoiy region, 200 MW wind power stations in the Bukhara region and 100 MW in Karakalpakstan.

The solar photovoltaic station and modern laboratory at the University serve as the main research complex for young researchers, providing students with the opportunity to practice their theoretical knowledge.

                                                                                                     KSU Press Service.