The campaign  “Give a Book” continues

The book is one of the greatest and most wonderful discoveries of mankind since ancient times, which helps to make a person intellectually developed, and thanks to the source of the book, each of us can receive spiritual food. A deep view of the world is done with the help of books.

The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 13, 2017 on the formation of a commission to improve the level of leisure and culture of books and the development of a printing and distribution system for books in our country has become an important incentive for increasing the reading of books among young people.

In the framework of the action “I will give books to my school”, an organizational branch of TUIT in Nukus, head of the e-government training center Ansetbay Risnazarov and assistant teacher of the Applied Mathematics Department of KSU A. Kudaibergenov donated books to the Kegeyli regional secondary school # 3, where they studied.

In the course of organizational work, meetings were held with school leavers and pupils. Pupils received answers to their questions.

Kudainazarov Mukhammed