Leading specialist from Kyrgyzstan lectured at the Department of “Electric Power”

From 10 to 16 April this year, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences of the Uzbek-Kyrgyz University Kyrgyzstan Rasaxodjaev Bahramzhan lecturing on the subject of “Hydropower Installations” based on plans for international cooperation of the Department of “Power” Physics and Mathematics Department of Karakalpak State University. Along with teaching, Rasaxodjaev Bakhromzhon familiarized himself with the research and development work carried out by the teaching staff of the department and a bilateral plan was drawn up for cooperation in the field of education and science.

After that, Expenditures Bahromdzhon on April 12 for the students of the department held a master class on the theme “Development of alternative energy sources in the power system”. Related students will get answers to their questions. It should be noted that the participation of foreign experts, such as Expenditures Bahramzhan will be a good basis for increasing students’ knowledge in the field of electric power industry and their interest in technical sciences.


3-year student of the Department of Electric Power Ramzat Tolegenov